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Hydrogen and Hydrogen derivatives such as ammonia are clean energy sources. The current annual world demand for hydrogen amounts to 70 million tons, and it is rapidly growing.

The gas remaining in depleted and abandoned fields in the world accounts for trillions of cubic meters,

deemed as non-commercial remaining reserves.

The proposed Hydrogen Generation from Hydrocarbons Sub - terrain (HGHS) process will allow to convert such fields into ready to produce high pressure hydrogen storage cells. 

At Hydrogen Source AS, a Norwegian energy and technology company, we have developed and patented this novel HGHS process. HGHS is a revolutionary, low cost method of producing large quantities of hydrogen free from green house gas emissions.


Process feasibility was confirmed by laboratory and numerical studies carried out at International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), Weatherford and other Norwegian and International laboratories. The technology development was sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council, environmental program CLIMIT and private funding. 

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