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Dr. Jan Erik Hanssen has joined HSAS as Technical Director as of June 2018

Jan Erik has 30+ years of experience in energy, cleantech and climate action. His background includes a broad range of roles: 16 years of R&D and management in the energy industry, followed by working in Brussels since 2000. He spent 4 years working at the EU Commission managing EU projects and activities, then 3 years advising a large European region on clean-energy policies, and he leads 1-Tech, a Brussels consulting company specialised in developing new projects and ventures. Jan Erik started his career with petroleum chemistry, doing reforming catalysis and kinetics for his MSc at Oslo U. He went on to research reservoir-scale processes, applying complex chemical injection systems for IOR. He did a PhD that included laboratory work at UC Berkeley and Stanford U., and later served as R&D manager of a global oil-field fluid services company. Hydrogen technologies and carbon management have been a key theme of his work and he has been involved in a large number of international projects funded by the EU and the IEA. Dr. Hanssen took up his current function as Technical Director (and interim CEO) in June 2018 and is excited about making full use of these aspects of his career in working for Hydrogen Source AS

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