Board of Directors

Dr. Leonid Surguchev

Leonid Surguchev is a Managing Director of LUKOIL Overseas North Shelf AS in Norway, previously Senior Vice President of IRIS AS (International Research Institute of Stavanger). He held various positions with Russian oil company SIBNEFT, Algerian oil company SONATRACH, Norwegian Rogaland Research, Petec and Smedvig Technologies. His scientific interests are within hydrogen technologies, reservoir modelling, field development and Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) methods.

Surguchev graduated as a petroleum engineer from Moscow Gubkin Oil and Gas Academy and holds PhD in reservoir engineering from the same university. In 2000 he received Doctor of Technical Sciences (Oil and Gas Field Development) degree from VNIIneft Institute and VAK of Russian Federation. In 1995 Surguchev was awarded the best scientist of the year research prize of Rogaland Research in Norway. Authorship in more than 100 scientific papers and 15 monographs.

Dr. Surguchev is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Scienses (NTVA).

Jacob Stolt-Nielsen

Mr. Jacob B. Stolt-Nielsen joined Stolt-Nielsen Limited 1987 and served in various positions in Oslo, Singapore, Greenwich, Connecticut, Houston, Texas and London. He was President and established the global Stolthaven tank terminal network, from 1992 until 2000.  In 2000, he founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of SeaSupplier Ltd. until 2003 when he became Executive Vice President of Stolt-Nielsen Limited. He has invested in and developed numerous smaller companies. In 2012 he founded, and serves as CEO of Norterminal AS ( .  He has been a Board member of Stolt-Nielsen Limited ( since 1995 and is also a board member of Stolt-Nielsen Holdings AS, SN Terminal AS, Bothel Holding AS, Hydrogen Source AS (, New York Cruise Lines ( Inc. and Biomed Clinic AS.  Mr. Stolt-Nielsen graduated from Babson College in 1987 with a BS degree in Finance and Entrepreneurial studies. He is a Norwegian citizen.


Liv Monica Stubholt

Liv Monica Stubholt has more than 20 years experience as a corporate lawyer, with particular expertise in negotiations, contract drafting, business development, restructuring and reorganisation processes. She has held several top executive positions in Aker ASA and has been State Secretary both at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

She is especially qualified within governance and compliance, and has valuable understanding of political processes. Liv Monica primarily works within the sectors of oil and gas and renewable energy and seafood, and has highly recognised expertise on High-North and Arctic issues, and EEA and Norway–EU related matters.

Liv Monica is an inspiring and renowned comunicator, and serves widely as a speaker within energy-related topics, High-North and Arctic issues as well as European community (and EEA) law. She is a council member of the Department for Petroleum and Energy Law at the Faculty of Law in Oslo. Liv Monica serves as board member of the Norwegian German Chamber of Commerce since 2010.

Liv Monica is member of the international board of World Ocean Council, organising international business for blue economy and sustainable oceans.